It’s a curse as well as a boon. If, like us, you’re a little strapped for cash (and who isn’t around that time!), buying presents for friends and family can turn into more of a chore than the uplifting, spontaneous “thank you for being a friend/family member” action it’s supposed to be.

Having said that, choosing a present is often as difficult as paying for one (call me cynical). For that reason I’ve updated my Amazon wishlist (also here) once again. It contains a lot of cheap items that I’d nevertheless appreciate a lot. If you’ve got one of these list, by all means let me know!

Party! Party!


Click image above for a quick tour of what Achtung! Fetish Celebration is all about. Pretty work-safe.

Halo 3 Review (3rd Party)

I’m not usually in the habit of posting other people’s videos here, but this is just too funny.

Achtung! Fetish Celebration II

Achtung! Fetish Celebration II

Saturday, 3rd November marks our second fetish party at the Queen Charlotte. In an effort to top the previous party we bring you even more performances this time, courtesy of burlesque starlets Chrys Columbine and Vicky Butterfly, and rope experts Nawa Koneko.

All details are on the Achtung! website, as usual (click flyer above for link). This time we’re offering tickets for sale online directly on the site.

I’m really proud of how the first event went, and how well it was received, both in terms of attendance but also as far as emerging web presence goes. To say that I’m really looking forward to this event would be an understatement.

To those attending the Skin Two Rubber Ball in October: what better excuse to wear those expensive outfits again than here!

Birthday Pub Crawl

It’s my 21st birthday (give or take 10 years) this Friday, and everyone is invited to a pub crawl! The route is detailed below, divided as it is into 3 parts.

Part the First, Warm-up

17:45, 2 Breck Road – Apéritif (one for the road)
18:00, Fatso’s
18:45, Brickmaker’s
19:30, Cider Shed

I appreciate that most people might not be off work or ready for the warm-up. For anyone interested though, I can come pick you up ahead of time, then we can walk in together and both build up and quench a thirst.

Part the Second, Crawl Proper

20:00, King’s Head
20:30, Mischief
21:00, Golden Star
21:30, St Andrew’s Tavern
22:00, Wild Man
22:30, Steam Packet

Part the Third, Aftermath

23:00, Hades (Exmortis)

Frank’s notes to himself:

Don’t start drinking Jägermeister until Hades. Don’t start drinking Jägermeister until Hades. Don’t start drinking Jägermeister until Hades. Don’t start drinking Jägermeister until Hades.