Monthly Archives: January 2008

Windows Live Writer

It’s part of the new (well, I’ve only seen it recently) Live Suite, and it’s a essentially a tool to publish from your desktop to your blog, supporting different blogs, like Spaces and Wordpress installations. I thought I’d give it a whirl, and as such, this is published with the very software.

Part of the same suite is Windows Live Mail, which I installed on my laptop and am quite pleased with so far. I wanted to try it on my main machine but for whatever reason, it seems to refuse to launch properly.

Also, my cat spilled a glass of wine on my keyboard the other day, and now my control key is sticky, and my full stop either doesn’t work at all or puts 3 stops…. (or 4 it seems)…

EDIT: I finally managed to get Windows Live Mail working, with the directions outlined here. Previously it had always gotten stuck on the "please wait while windows configures windows mail live" message when trying to launch. An annoyingly common problem as a quick googling would indicate.