Monthly Archives: January 2007

Metal DJ-Night at the Marquee

This Saturday from 7pm, Dark Metal Mass DJs will be rocking the floor at the Marquee. Expect the same melodic death/black/gothic metal you’re used to and then some!

Teeth Saga – The New Beginning

My Teeth 2007-01-11

It’s started. This morning, I had my braces fitted. I had been warned that it would be uncomfortable. I had been told all sorts of horror stories. As it turned out, I don’t mind the braces. The pain in the lower back of my mouth due to an infection completely detracts from any unease caused by the braces. One of my wisdom teeth is trying to bore itself space in my gum. Needless to say the gum objects vehemently, and with bacteria getting stuck between the two, an infection was on the cards all along. Looks like the tooth will have to go. More dentist fun for me.

Anyway, operation “sort-out-Frank’s-teeth” has begun and is scheduled to last between 9 and 12 months. I thought I’d take pictures along the way and gross out people. Also, it’ll document my teeth’s flowering from an ugly duckling into a beautiful, ordered swan.

Frank is now a Snowboarder

Frank Sowboarding

As a web designer, snowboarding is in my blood. And as of today, I’m officially a snowboarder – yes, that’s me in the pictures, honest! Three more lessons to go on my 30th birthday present from Karen!

This was my first lesson at the Norfolk Ski Club, and it went well. All in all, I think I only fell over about 5 times. My calf muscles are killing me however. Also, let it be said that it’s a lot more effort than it looks – those boards are quite heavy!

Next week, more basic manoeuvres. After that, jumps and grinds no doubt!