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Our Wedding / Eis Hochzait

Our wedding is on 9th September 2006 at Chippenhall Hall, Fressingfield, IP21 5TD. Karen and I aim to post links to all our wedding related entries and resources here.

Eis Hochzait ass den 9. September 2006 zu Chippenhall Hall, Fressingfield, IP21 5TD. D’Karen an ëch probéieren fir Links zu all eisen Hochzaitsinformatiounen heihënner zë sëtzen.

  1. Wedding Gift Lists / Hochzaitsgeschenklësten
  2. Hotels and B&Bs / Hotelen an Bed & Breakfasts
  3. Bus Service to Venue / Transport no Chippenhall (updated / nei)

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Wann dir irgendwelch Froën sollt hun, dann schreiwt eis wann-iech-glifft op

Alantir Autumnsun

Behold my latest character for Chris’ D&D campaign: Alantir, Cleric of Obad-hai. Successor to Estevial, the many-armed Duskling Totemist, who met an untimely end in the hands (or rather tentacles and mouth) of an evil, brain-sucking illithid, who is still at large at the time of writing. Let it be a warning: weak-willed minds make no good opponents for a mind flayer’s stun ability!

Alantir Autumnsun

Alantir is a healing machine. Empowered Cure is his middle name. And soon he may summon bison. Because that’s the thing to do. Summon bison. Really.

Homepage Rejig (cont’d.)

I think that’s it for the homepage for the time being. It has all the functionality I wanted it to have and it looks decent. At some point I may add pictures to the individual galleries, but that, as they say, is another story.

Homepage Rejig

For a while now I was a little unhappy of merely displaying a list of posts on random subjects on the front page. Instead, I wanted it to be more of a portal, with links to various categories. I have achieved this now, although it’s still a work in progress.

The first thing to add is a quick list to the latest 3 posts in any given category, perhaps with some sort of colour coding, so it’s easy to see where the latest writings are.

Upcoming Amaranth Gig

Ferryboat GigMy band Amaranth is playing the Ferryboat on Friday 31st of March. We will hope to entertain you with a 45 minutes set of some of our old classics and brand new pieces. Also on the bill are classic rockers Serpent Sins and gothic metallers Season’s End. The event is organised by the UEA Deviant Society and more information can be found on their message boards.