Monthly Archives: December 2005

Wordpress 2

Now that the final version of Wordpress 2 is out, I took it upon myself to upgrade this blog’s inner workings to that new, spangly software. On in the outside it may at first glance not look much different (well, except for another change of theme) but there’s a lot of cool, new (or stream-lined) stuff behind the scenes. Writing this article, for example, is such a pleasure and a breeze in the new editor, so rejoice for Wordpress 2 making my life easier!

Decoration Envy

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m not a big Christmas buff. A lot of head scratching and stress at a time that should be about relaxtion. A quick screwing up the finances before the New Year. And all that.

But then you find yourself living in a residential area with families and grandchildren all around. Walking through Breck Road at night currently looks more like walking through a seaside arcade: flashing lights absolutely everywhere.

Yes, it’s tacky and kitsch. But when you house is suddenly the only one shrouded in dull grey darkness, something stirs within oneself. So here’s my effort towards neo-suburbian inclusion.

Engagement Party Pictures

After the Party

Thank you for everyone who turned up at the engagement party – it was a real blast until well in the wee hours. And I finally managed to crawl out of bed at about 4 in the afternoon the following day.

I hope everyone had as good a time as Karen and I had. There was some good music (Susperia, Simon and Garfunkel, Nile, …) and some, well, usual music (insert cock rock stuff here). I thought it was mostly the girls dancing, but some severe neck pains today lead me to think that I must have had my part in it too.

The afterparty was at ours, with Louise graciously giving us a lift to Tesco’s to stock up on some more booze before we got stuck in. Remembering quite clearly the new massive “open 24 hours” signs everywhere (and with the new licensing laws) I thought this to be a good bet. Was it f**k. Tesco’s was as closed as N├╝rnburger letterbox before collection. Ah well, into our reserves we dove. Read: cider and assorted liquors.

Anyway, thank you all for your presents (we finally managed to have a proper look at everything yesterday). Cards will be on their way soon.

For a pictorial account of the evening’s proceedings, click here.