Monthly Archives: November 2005

Party Music

As there will be some meaty DJ decks at the party on Saturday, I invite anyone eager to give them a spin to do so. I will bringing my own music, but if you fancy DJing for a bit you’re encouraged to bring your own. There’s no prescribed genre of music for the evening, but think of the guests that will be there and the fact that they can see you before you’re putting on any old rubbish.

Heavy Metal Goodness

Well, two exciting things in my personal metal world happened recently. Firstly, Chris and I have finally drawn the bottom line under The Difference, which marks it as the first finished recording for Amaranth’s new EP. We have a version we’re happy with, hurray. We’ll be tackling Follow the Sun next, which we have reworked and restructured from the ground up. Eventually we’ll build up enough courage to do Shapes, which is a great song, but also happens to be a really tricky one, with lots of fast and interesting parts.

The second event is me winning Within Temptation’s Silent Force DVD off a Totalrock radio competition this morning! Yay! I read in their daily newsletter that Catbird (one of my favourite DJs) was giving a copy away, so I tuned in quickly, and when the competition came up I promptly won! So I’m looking forward to that one. I’ve also removed it from my Christmas wishlist.

While you’re at it, go check out our new song, and let me know what you think.

Stuck for Present Ideas?

Why not have a look at mine and Karen’s wishlist? There’s desirables for most budgets, including club-togethers. And while we’re at it, don’t forget to tell us about your wishlists! (Even if it means creating one.)

The ninth day of the ninth month

In the third hour of the noon, in the sixth year since millenia 2AD. A lot of convenient number divisible by three there. But that’s when it’s going to be. Karen and my Wedding at the Chippenhall estate.

We Have a Winner

Chippenhall came out top of the race. We went to see it today and it has it all: old country mansion, charming granary, bridge covered in flowers and lights, big marquee, excellent rooms for the night, and an all-inclusive pricing structure that takes a lot of the hassle out of the wedding. Oh, and it has a swimming pool.

We’ll be checking with the Registry office tomorrow, and if there’s no problem with our desired date there, we’ll be back in touch with the Hall and book the thing. More details and dates soon.