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Engagement Celebrations

We will be celebrating our engagement downstairs at the St Andrew’s Tavern, on Saturday 3rd December, from 18:30 onwards. There will be a cold buffet. Invites should be going out sometime later tonight, but if you don’t receive one (and think you should have done) it’s probably because of email problems somewhere down the line or my aging brain, not because we don’t like you. :) It’s a discretionary public invite, ie. everyone who knows us is welcome.

Phew, that’s that part done. It took the better of several evenings and today to run around and find suitable venues. There’s no shortage of function rooms in Norwich it turns out, but it’s not necessarily very easy to get a Saturday in December. We had Owen’s shortlisted too, which is around the corner from the Murderer’s (who were already booked out) but they only had a main bar, not one in the room we would have gotten. And St Andrew’s is under new (very friendly) management.

Now we need to round up some DJing equipment. If anyone can get us the stuff free then let us know, otherwise I’ve got a few places I can ask.

Engagement Party

We’re planning to have an engagement party on either Sat 26th November, or Sat 3rd December. Feel free to leave a reply telling us which one would suit you better. We haven’t decided where it will be held yet.

UPDATE: It now looks that due to popular demand the party is going to be held on the 3rd December. Apologies to those who would have preferred the 26th, but the majority has to win in this case. Please mark the date in your calendars!

We’re a bit undecided as to whether we should host the party at our place (advantages: start and finish anytime; disadvantages: clean up before and after) or somewhere else (advantages: no cleaning necessary, change of scenery; disadvantages: costs, set times).

We’ve looked at a couple of places, but we’d very much appreciate any suggestions.


This is to announce that as of Saturday 15th October, Karen and Frank are engaged to be wed. At the time of writing we are hard at work to finalise a date and venue for the wedding, but we’re hoping for it to happen before September 2006. We will keep everyone updated on the whole process via this blog.

There will also be an engagement party shortly – details about this will follow.

I got a ring!

Well last week was eventful.
I’m engaged!

The ring was lovely, but a tad too small, so we’ll be getting a temporary one until the new size ring is ready.

I loved the idea of the Mangreen church in Norwich but they don’t book anything too far in advance, and that doesn’t suit Frank at all.
Can anyone suggest a place that does weddings that won’t be too christian, with everyone half singing songs they don’t remember; but which isn’t a non-religion registrar either.

Anyhoo, there will be a party soon in the next couple of weeks; we just haven’t decided when or where yet.