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Wave Gotik Treffen 2005

Here we are: a bunch of pictorial impressions from the gothic festival in Leibzig this year. It was nmy first time, but it certainly won’t be my last. I had a great time and my thanks go to Karen and Toby for convincing me to give it a try regardless of whether I knew the bands that were playing or not!

By the way, the pictures were all taken on my Nokia 7610 picture phone. Hence some are good, and some some less good, but the phone is just far more practical than my big, bulky camera. :)

Architecture in Leibzig

In the centre of Leibzig a strong Russian influence can be felt on a lot of the buildings: imposing, ornate, massive and full of character.


Leibzig Landmarks

The university tower:

Fountains and stuff:


The Gigs

Some pictures from the gigs. Stupidly, I only thought of taking pictures on the second day. And even then only towards the end, thus missing out on a lot of potentially juicy shots. But I got my own – see Karen below.

Haus Auensee:


The Jim Beam Karaoke and Air Guitar Stage (brilliant):


The Agra Hall – absolutely massive:


The Mediaval Village & Viking Camp

A lot of effort was put into these and it paid off. They had a great atmosphere, constant live music or entertainment, excellent food and of course a lot of mead and other drink stalls. Not to forget “buy your horn here” stalls.


Also included was a weather station (genius):

And Karen made quite an impression when we had an impromptu bondage session in the middle of the village. I hadn’t even finished putting the cuffs on when the first pictures were snapped.


Some people took pictures were sneakily, too ashamed to be seen. Others asked for permission (”Would you mind if I briefly stole the motif?”), and some arrived too late (”Damn, I’m too late, but can I at least see the handcuffs again?”).

The metal cuffs incidentally were bought at the huge market in the Agra hall.

Karen & her Outfits

Karen made a point of dressing up in long, flowing dresses to wind me up – she knows they’re my favourite. So here’s Karen:


There are some more pictures of Karen, but to see those you’ll have to sign up at Limited Audience. :)

Me & my Horn


I like my new horn.


A very tired Toby on the first day:

View from a tram late at night:

And Leibzig by night:


That’s it. If you’ve got your own pictures from this year’s WGT, please send me or post a link to them!