Monthly Archives: April 2005

Yes, I got Sucked in Too

A few weeks back I had few days’ holiday, and found myself with a little spare time on my hands (an usual state for me), and thus decided to play a computer game. I am into role playing games – they are my absolute favourite type. So I was scouting around to see what was out these days. Not much it turns out. Some hopefuls were yet miles of (Dragon Age), and some old classics were nowhere to be found (where did I put my Morrowind discs?). It was then that I turned towards World of WarCraft, which had been out for a while but which I’d not paid too much attention to, due to my general lack of time to play. But now that I did have that time, I thought I’d give it a go. Little did I know of course that at that point it was sold out nationwide. Never one to give up easily I set out with my girlfriend Karen and her brother John on a road trip to locate that elusive last copy that had fallen between the shelves and was only discovered minutes before a hopeful soul like myself entered the store. Well, to cut a long story short, we looked everywhere (sometimes twice) and it was the same everywhere: sold out. B*gger. Thus I signed up to some mailing lists promising me notice when new stock would arrive. I got such a notice and put a copy on order, then pretty much forgot about it again, until last Saturday morning when the postman rings the bell and delivers me a shiny new copy of World of WarCraft. We had plans that day though, so once more I put it on hold, this time until late that evening. And after some installing, downloading and patching I was finally ready to go.

King Kong

King KongPlease find to your right: an old King Kong movie poster.

It’s from a collection of B-movie posters I’ve got, although King Kong isn’t really a B-movie. Looking forward to Peter Jackson’s new re-imagination of it though. Especially since it’s the one film that almost certainly has a damsel in distress element in it.

I am somewhat of a collector of B-movie poster pictures, so if you’ve got more, do send them in!

A place to hang out

Digitally speaking. I have this urge to post, link, rant or inform every so often, and although I do this occasionally on my BusyThumbs blog, I also felt it important to do it somewhere I host myself.

I wanted a central place to show off my work, or to direct people to. A homepage from the days of old. So here it is, if you want Frank, you can have Frank here. With more technology than back then. The dream of interactivity come true.