Monthly Archives: March 2005

Death by Trap

A long-standing character in my D&D Eberron campaign kicked the bucket last night, in a fairly dramatic fashion. Rothengar, the dwarven cleric, had approached death’s door on several occasions, but each time he managed to escape the grim reaper’s clutches – narrowly.

Not so yesterday, however. The accompanying picture shows the location of his demise. A giant sized, ornate, iron door, surrounded by various recently deceased enemy soldiers – their bodies torn apart and glowing with incadescent green light.

Clearly a trap.

What does the cleric do? He walks over to the corpses to pick up a head and throw it at the door to see what happens. As could have been deduced by the spread of bodies (roughly within 15 feet of the door), this trap is set off by proximity, rather than touch.

As such, before Rothengar managed to get close enough to a body, the trap goes off, and a caster level 17 Wail of the Banshee spells bursts his head, leaving the body falling limp onto the floor.

While the newly bereft player gawps in disbelief, the other party members start dividing up the cleric’s gear. :)

Poe and Harlequin

Licking each other on the new sofabed. Only in cat world. If this picture had non-feline actors, it might be considered indecent. They jumped on top of each other soon after.

Office Flowers

It’s a sign that it’s Friday when you start looking at the flowers on your desk and picture frame them in your mind.

It’s a further sign that it’s Friday if you then proceed to take pictures of your desktop flowers and send them to your blog.

It’s Friday.

North Walsham Winter

Well, it’s certainly hit us today. It has been snowing on and off here in Norfolk for the last couple of weeks, and it has been cold to match, but generally it hasn’t lasted very long. Today, however, looks like it is going to be a long way home after work.

The attached picture shows the view straight out from my office. And yes, there are normally more cars parked out front than that. Looks like more than one person never made it in this morning.

Has anyone seen Groundhog Day recently?