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Chris Burdett’s Budapest Pictures

Budapest Stag Do

My photos:

Metal Camp 2006

In sunny Slovenia:

The Online Photos Project

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I’m trying to put more pictures into my gallery, so that they don’t just gather (virtual)  dust on my harddrive. All the pictures from my 2004 USA trip are now available for viewing. Delve in…

Luxembourg Trip


This large fair is a yearly event in Luxembourg City and lasts between 2 and 4 weeks. We managed to catch the tail end of it.

Note my convincing appearance as a totemic shaman in that last picture.

Coyote Cafe

One of the few pubs in Luxembourg that have made an effort to appear as something other than a plain room with a bar and tables in.

The Cellar Bar

This is the famous "Keller", or Cellar Bar, in Clervaux, situated – you guessed it – in the cellar of a hotel. It’s only open on weekends from 22:00 to 3:00 and a little quieter than in its heyday. Music ranges from blues to rock and the occasional glitch into other areas but it’s generally good. Back in the day, this author used to frequent it often, and interract in a variety of philosophical quandaries with other unsavoury denizens. Today, it still features on the must-see list of any trip to Luxembourg, although evenings there tend to be less wild.

The other couple in the pictures are childhood friend Serge and his wife Tatiana.


And the oddball section for stuff that didn’t fit anywhere else: an areal map of Wiltz, a weirdly shape bottle of red we guzzled, a cute statue, and a poster in a Belgian pub.