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Burlesque in Norwich

It’s almost time for the next Achtung! Cabaret. Our next event is on Saturday, 7th February at the Talk, and features Anna Fur Laxis, Princess Angelique, Ropesluts, Sophia Landi, and more! With DJ regulars Mikki and Mz_Pink, and a whole lot of fun.


Click the picture above to go to the Achtung! Cabaret site, which has galleries and videos from previous events, as well as more information.

Party! Party!


Click image above for a quick tour of what Achtung! Fetish Celebration is all about. Pretty work-safe.

Achtung! Fetish Celebration II

Achtung! Fetish Celebration II

Saturday, 3rd November marks our second fetish party at the Queen Charlotte. In an effort to top the previous party we bring you even more performances this time, courtesy of burlesque starlets Chrys Columbine and Vicky Butterfly, and rope experts Nawa Koneko.

All details are on the Achtung! website, as usual (click flyer above for link). This time we’re offering tickets for sale online directly on the site.

I’m really proud of how the first event went, and how well it was received, both in terms of attendance but also as far as emerging web presence goes. To say that I’m really looking forward to this event would be an understatement.

To those attending the Skin Two Rubber Ball in October: what better excuse to wear those expensive outfits again than here!

Achtung! Fetish Celebration

Saturday 11th August will be the first Achtung! Fetish Celebration, upstairs in the Queen Charlotte, to coincide (well, near enough) with Karen’s Birthday. The event will run from 8pm to 1am, with a potential afterparty at Hex@Hades. There will be a selection of some of the best Norwich DJs (all to be confirmed, but that’s the plan!), playing alternative, industrial, metal and more. A strict dress code of latex, burlesque, PVC, leather, goth will be enforced.

More details will be coming soon, so watch this space, or this one, or – eventually – this one.

Just confirmed: Special Burlesque Performances by Beatrix von Bourbon and Millie Dollar!

Achtung! Fetish Celebration